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We've got the good stuff, really.

Blazing fast systems with AMD Ryzen, AMD EPYC and Dual Xeons with pure NVMe and SSD storage. Dedicated Hosting & more.

Opt-in for Stateful DDoS Mitigation with up to 6Tbps of DDoS mitigation. A proven track record of defending against over 600Gbps for our clients.

Colocation Options



DDoS Mitigation provided by CosmicGuard.

Price Per IP:


All The Features

What you can expect from your Packet Rabbit services.

10 Gbps Port Speeds

10Gbps to the metal, each instance is capped at 1 to 5Gbps, depending on their package.

Live Migrations

We perform live migrations on KVM instances as necessary to perform zero-downtime maintenance.

Backup & Restore

Free monthly snapshots you can restore with one-click.

Cloud Firewall

Filter any traffic with our Cloud Firewall, sitting on the DDoS Mitigation edge.

Snapshots Available

Need more than 1 snapshot? They're available at 10% of your monthly plan price per month.

24/7/365 Support

Support based in Canada. Servers based in Canada. What could be better?

Instant Setup

Upon successful payment, virtual servers are setup immediately for you to enjoy.

Money Saved

Not happy with your current provider? We're glad you made the switch. Enjoy your money saved, performance gained, and rock on.

1-Click Applications

Install Applications in one-click on your Server.


Popular blogging platform, installed with Nginx & MySQL.


Who doesn't love a CMS? Nginx, MySQL, Redis pre-installed.


Ecommerce? We've got your back. Nginx, MySQL, Memcached & more.


Another CMS?? Sweet. Same deal, but Memcached instead.


More shopping? We can handle that. Nginx, MySQL, Memached & more.

Debian / Ubuntu

From Debian 7 to bleeding edge. From Ubuntu 16.04 to bleeding edge. We live on the edge.


CentOS & AlmaLinux & CloudLinux -- whatever your fancy is. We've got it.


You like to put things in jails? We've got all the BSDs. FreeBSD, OpenBSD... yep, it's BSD.

Custom ISOs

You want something custom? Alrighty, just upload that ISO and get installing.


Need something else? Just let us know!

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Rise up and manage your dedicated instance with a click of a button. From installation to destruction. You've got this.

  • Install, reinstall, and manage your instance
  • Access the VNC Console
  • Monitor all your systems
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Premium Transit Blends. Yeah!

We put love into our network. With premium transit blends offering you the best connectivity and the lowest latency possible.

Premium: GTT, Arelion (Telia), Hurricane Electric

Canadian Locations. We got 'em!

You want to have your point of presence in Canada? You rock! We're Canadian-owned, Canadian-operated and our primary datacenter is in Canada.

Go Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got them, and you've got them too. Let's share them here.

Where are your servers located?

In a private facility in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada.

What processors do you use?

We run AMD EPYC, AMD Ryzen and Dual Xeon processors exclusively.

What are the port speeds?

Instances will receive 1Gbps to 5Gbps depending on the server and commitment period.

What's with the star? What's the bandwidth limit?

Any client whom exceeds the reasonable usage bandwidth defined in their contract is subject to temporary ratelimits during peak hours. Please contact your Dedicated Account Manager if you have any questions.

Can I get more than 128 GB memory?

Yes! We have options up to 1 TB of memory. Please contact sales for a quote today.

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