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There's so many ways to get your systems online today. Bare Metal remains a increasingly popular option in today's modern internet, the control over the entire platform and the ability to create virtualized instances yourself. Our consultants have over 10 years of experience working with bare metal systems in a production environment.

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If you've ever looked at a cloud service, you know they can be overwhelming. What if you had the flexibility of a cloud, with the same security of bare metal -- is it possible? Of course it is, and our industry experts can help you setup a dedicated private cloud on a shoestring budget. Let's get cloudy today.

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How do you backup your data, or, do you back it up at all? These are important questions in todays modern internet, not just for the sake of the backup but what if you got hit with ransomware today? What if your machines broke down and you lost all your hard work for your clients? Let's chat backup solutions and get you backed up securely.

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You need a firewall for your infrastructure. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of automated attacks against anything connected to the internet. Think of it like you're running outside and someones trying to steal your wallet -- it's the same thing just digitally. Are you firewalled?

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The Packet Rabbit Experience

Industry experts with over 30 years of experience under the belt are available at your fingertips for any task -- from custom software development to complex network and hardware troubleshooting, your Packet Rabbit Experts have you covered.

We've built fiber backbones for leading companies within Canada, highly available software-defined networking solutions and more. Building, Innovating and Solving is in our DNA, no matter the challenge we're ready to tackle it for you so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

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